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We are looking for team players!

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We are looking for players.
But we don't need forwards, 
Or defenders, 
And we definitely do not need any keepers.
We need innovators,
People with passion
Driven to make a change,
Willing to try new things 
Always seeing the bigger picture.
Because if you bring brave people together, you undeniably become a dream team.



Workplace and Culture

We’re connected by our passions, regardless if they are about changing the world of football, technology or the game itself.

Our company is different than others, which is why we're experimenting with how a company usually works. We see the individuals instead of the whole, that's why we continuously question the company norms.

We do believe it's important that each person finds their best way of working in order to get a long term life balance, and the flexibility in our company is a proof of that.

We work in squads, forces and teams  and have coaches, drivers, members and what not (let’s not get into details yet). Our company structure is constantly developing, changing and improving, because we are not perfect and will probably never be, and that the beauty of it. 

At Forza Football you are welcome to come as you are - no matter your gender, personality type, sexuality, religion, background, ethnicity or disabilites. A diverse team is the most innovative, creative and clever one, and it is through those dissimilarities we will be able to reach every football fan in the world. Because only then we can change the world of football for the better.

Our Philosophy

If you are passionate about what you do, you will do great things.
A great culture is reached by respecting the people around you, no matter the differences.
Creativity comes in many forms and that is what unites us.
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